Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Solon Historical Society! We have several committees listed below, chaired by various members, that oversee different aspects of the organization and work collectively to ensure its success. Members are welcome to join multiple committees and propose new ideas on how to strengthen our mission. Committees meet on an as needed basis. Please contact us to sign up today! Email contactsolonhistoricalsociety@gmail.com, call us at (440) 248-3586, or use the form below to send us a message.

The Collections Committee
The duties of this committee are to collect, document, evaluate and manage items of historical value to the community. This shall include creating an inventory of all historical items and deciding what and how items should be displayed within the museum and community. Ongoing projects are the transferring of photos, films, and other print materials to a digital format, and organizing and categorizing our library.

The Education Committee
The duties of this committee are to develop educational programming to promote our history through outreach to local schools, and to the community through historical tours and events. On going projects are coordinating and executing the 3rd grade Historical Society visit and the annual cemetery tour. 

The Marketing Committee
The duties of this committee are to market and communicate activities of the organization through all channels including but not limited to, hard copy mail, email, website, and social media. Ongoing commitments are to keep the website up to date, overseeing the gift shop, and communicating events through Facebook and other media outlets. 

The Finance Committee
Shall consist of the Treasurer, who serves as committee chair plus three or more members, who are not officers or trustees. They examine the books and accounts of the Treasurer as needed and shall arrange for an audit as designated by the Board of Trustees. On going projects are setting up and reviewing financial policies for the organization as well as budgets for each committee.